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    Are working in leading companies, with the support of Committed S.A

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    We recruit the best sales representatives and marketing specialists to join our clients’ marketing networks and sales teams. We take pride in the high standard of our selection process as well as the training of sales specialists. Our goal is to select only the most efficient and qualified specialists who are prepared and able to make sales from their first day.

    The importance of the human resource

    The sales representative is the link between the company and the client. In other words, he is the face or voice of the company and has to create an individual and professional link. We value the sales representative’s adaptability to changing environments, team work and decision-making. Our sales representatives and agents stand out for being comprehensive and capable of dealing with different types of products.


    Our sales representatives will strengthen your sales force and motivate your employees. You also count on our support and experience to be applied in your company.