• What is it

    It is delegating the sales force and its management to an external and specialized company. Committed S.A is the leading company of commercial outsourcing in Argentina.

    Committed loffers short or long-term commercial outsourcing services, for the entire sales o for some business lines.

    Our commercial outsourcing solutions are adapted to customer needs and to all kinds of sales model, including complex selling. We design and implement a customized sales force, managed by specialists with the Co-Efficient methodology of proven effectiveness

    We analyse your requirements

    We offer vertical project management

    100% commitment and dedication

    Follow up and daily monitoring

    Our goal is to improve your profitability

  • Clients results

    • 57

      the sales increase 57% in average just in the first quarter

    • 73

      As we are more efficient, your company can save up to 73% of the budget intended for sales